Hospice operators have a unique set of challenges in seeking more efficient ways to run their organizations. Home Healthcare Solutions® offers business solutions that provide cost-efficient operational benefits to hospice providers across the country. From the creation of a custom ordering formulary – to the tailored way in which we supply your staff and patients in the home, facilities or inpatient units – to the way we proactively consult with your management team to achieve your target Cost Per Patient Day, we are an ideal solution for your medial supply management needs.

Operational Efficiency
  • Workflow improvement through office supply closet elimination and home delivery
  • Patient-direct delivery and Mobile Supply Closet® replenishment via FedEx®
  • Less drive time, more patient time
Clinical Solutions
  • Professional clinical guidance for outcome and utilization optimization
  • Live clinical support and online resource library for hospice nurses through eClinical LearningTM
  • Product choice with custom ordering formularies
  • Unique solutions for inpatient units
Improved Financial Performance
  • Supply accountability and per diem budgetary results
  • Mileage reimbursement control and productivity accountability through the MileageTraksTM GPS management system
Business Insight/Analytics
  • HHS Supply BITM – business intelligence through meaningful reports and essential data
  • Data integration with software

Our innovative Mobile Supply Closet Program allows all hospice agency staff members conducting visits in the home to have the medical supplies they need on hand – without having to ever go to the office!